School of Justice

School of Justice


For the month of April, we’re running a School of Justice here at the Kathmandu Vineyard. 13 of our people who are all leaders, future pastors, church planters, and ministry workers are gathering together to explore what it means to love Jesus and love our neighbours – and to understand God’s heart of justice and compassion. A few people from Winnipeg Centre Vineyard are also joining us. Suhail Stephen (the director of the Vineyard School of Justice), Natalie Hamm and Jessica Williams (who attended the School of Justice in Winnipeg this past year), and Karina Lewis (who stayed with us several years ago) are all here to teach, serve, learn, and live with our people.

We gather three times a week for training in the morning and outreach in the afternoon, where we’ll visit some of the poorest of the poor who live at the riverbed, travel to two Vineyard communities on the outskirts of Kathmandu in Champi and Kotgaon, and visit an old people’s home. It’s an exciting time where the Holy Spirit is equipping us with passion and power to extend God’s kingdom here on earth and deepening the relationships between Kathmandu and Winnipeg.



This past Friday, a group of School of Justice students went to the riverbed – a place where those amongst Kathmandu’s poorest of the poor live in tiny makeshift homes made of tin, tarp, or whatever they can scramble together. There are no public services like clean water or electricity and the river next to them has a pungent stench from all the sewage and garbage that fills it. For several years now, people from Kathmandu Vineyard have been visiting the riverbed, bringing food hampers, sharing the love of Jesus, and seeing God’s kingdom come in wonderful and miraculous ways.

Our students met several riverbed residents and visited their shacks. We met a Christian woman who had an infection on the right side of her stomach which was causing her pain. We laid hands on her and asked the Spirit to touch and heal her, and immediately she burst into tears. We sensed God’s presence and when we asked her how she was feeling, she said the pain was gone – Jesus healed her instantly! A man who was sitting nearby said that his back was also in pain, so we asked the woman who had just been healed to join us in praying and again, after a few minutes, he said the pain was 100% gone. It was wonderful to see Jesus’ kingdom come in power shortly after learning that the Spirit has anointed us to preach good news to the poor, free the captives, and bring healing to the sick. It was an encouraging, inspiring, and exciting day and we look forward to building relationship and inviting Jesus and His kingdom to come even more to these precious people.