About us


We are the family of Vineyard Churches in the Himalayas Region of Nepal and northeast India.We desire to be faithful followers of Christ who are full of the Spirit, Worship passionately, have hearts of compassion, are doers of God’s word, and welcome people into the Kingdom.We believe"we are better together.”

Noel / Dona Isaacs Bhotia.

Senior Pastor / National Director.

Kathmandu Vineyard Fellowship / Vineyard Himalayas.

P.O Box 23401. Kathmandu

Street; Bhanimandal, Lalitpur. Kathmandu.

Nepal. www.vineyard.org, www.vineyardhimalayas.org

Ph. +977-1-5545211. Email: info@vineyardhimalayas.org



Today’s Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches are a product of providential and practical events. Providentially had His hand on the intersecting paths of people and events.In the mid-1990’s, David Ruis(then the pastor of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard)and Noel Isaacs(a fourth-generation believer from the Pedong, Darjeeling Area of India) connected and immediately shared a vision for worship music, justice, and compassion becoming foundational values for the Kingdom mission. In early conferences in the region, passionate worship and ministry to the least attracted many who searched for a new paradigm of values in their evangelistic mission to the Nepali people.


In 1995, Noel and his wife Dona were invited to spend three months in Canada to strengthen ties with WinnipegCentre Vineyard and their leadership fellowship this time, The Isaacs were sent out from WCV to Kathmandu, where they spent time sharing food with the poorest of the poor, praying for them, building relationship, and leading them to Christ.The good news of Jesus and His Kingdom powerfully touched people, with many experiencing physical healing, being delivered of demonic oppression, and consequently steeping away from old ways to find new life in Christ.


With the rapidly growing numbers of believers, the Isaacs planted Kathmandu Vineyard in 1998. In the ensuing years, over 26 other Vineyard Churches throughout the Himalayan Region have been planted in connection with Kathmandu Vineyard, often as a result of the same mode of reaching out to the poor(especially to those who are

marginalized as being among lower caste in society, culture, and

religion), dramatic encounters with the Kingdom, and choosing to follow Christ.Most of the leaders of these Vineyards are first generation believers in Jesus.


Practically, the church planting experience of the Isaac family from past generations has envisioned and empowered Noel to pioneer and mentor leaders across the Himalayan region for the last 20 years. The bond with Winnipeg and other supporting partner churches has been a blessing to both.


The synergies of Vineyard mission, values, and expression testify to the realities of the inviting and healing message of Christ’s love to the lost and faithful. God’s Kingdom has truly advanced over the years and is poised for even greater impact in the Himalayan region. Both the expectation and manifestation of God’s power is an almost daily occurrence in the Himalayas and has become a model for all. The potential for harvest and the advancement of God’s Kingdom is limitless.


In the fall of(September 2017), the HRV Churches been released as Association of Vineyard Churches, the Himalayas as fully developed-self-supporting, self-governing,self-propagating autonomous body of Christ. We are now Known as Vineyard Himalayas. Central Office being at Bhanimandal, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal. Noel IsaacsBhotia and Dona IsaacBhotia as National Directors of the VINEYARD HIMALAYAS


Statement of Faith

The Bible is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. However, since the Bible is a diverse collection of narrative stories, poetry, law, and letters, it is helpful to summarize its teaching in a concise form that can be comprehended by both those deeply rooted in the Church and those who have little exposure to the Bible. This is the historical function of the ancient church creeds in the first 400 years of Christ-Centered faith.


Every community of faith has two major obligations in regards to its faith, namely absolute faithfulness to the Word of God, and sensitivity to the world in which they live. This means that the Vineyard Movement must express the historical, biblical,orthodox Christian beliefs that are we hold in common with all Christians, and the particular doctrines that are our distinctive voice, in voice, in terms that are relevant to 21st century Christians.

Our Statement of Faith is based on the conviction that the kingdom of God is the central theological motif that gives definition to all that we believe. It is a “Kingdom of GOD” CENTERED THEOLOGY. This statement is our best current understanding of the Bible from that Kingdom prospective.

  • God The King And The Holy.
  • God The King: TheCreator And Ruler Of The All Things.
  • Counterfeit Kingdom: Satan And Demonic Hosts.
  • The Kingdom In Creation,The Fall, And The Doctrine Of Original Sin.
  • God’s Providence, Kingdom Law,And Covenants.
  • Christ The Mediator And Eternal King.
  • The Ministry Of  The Holy Spirit.
  • The Sufficiency Of Scripture.
  • The Power Of The Gospel Over The Kingdom Of Darkness.
  • The Church: Instrument Of The Kingdom.
  • Baptism And The Lord’s Supper.
  • The Kingdom Of God And The Final Judgement.


Who We Are

The Vineyard is a God-initiated, global movement of churches(of which Vineyard Himalayas is a part) with the Kingdom of God as its theological center.

The Bible is our rule of faith and practice.Our desire is to know the Bible, do what it says, and experience the way of living it describes.We embrace a full range of Kingdom practices, from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to healing and deliverance, to ministry with the poor.

Vineyard churches embody a praxis that includes intimate worship, actively equipping ordinary people for ministry, responding to the intimate and leading of the Holy Spirit, and joining God’s mission in the world.


What We Do

In light of this, we believe that God has called Himalayan Vineyard to participate in the Kingdom of God as moves forward by

  • Providing pastoral care, vision, resources, and oversight to help local Vineyard churches fulfill their God-given calling.
  • Envisioning and motivating pastors and leaders to join God’s mission by multiplying churches both in the Himalayan Vineyard and around the world.
  • Training and empowering current pastors to disciple, train, and send future leaders.



Where We Are Going

We will know we have succeeded in our mission when we see thousands of churches with Vineyard theology and practices multiplies around the world-led by pastors who are theologically, practically, and spiritually equipped to pursue their unique callings to “the greater glory of God and the well-being of people.”




The Vineyard is a God-initiated, global movement of churches committed to the theology and practice of the kingdom of God,rooted in the vision of the Hebrew prophets, and fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

We have been commissioned to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom, bearing witness to the already and not yet of the Kingdom in words and deeds.

The Vineyard is a Movement distinctively centered in a renewed understanding of the centrality of the kingdom of Godin biblical thought.We view the kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Bible.


From our beginnings, the Vineyard has been committed to the

Proclamation of the Kingdom God and the bearing witness to the deeds of the kingdom through healing (physical, emotional, and social), doing justice, and delivering those held captive by evil.


Since the Kingdom of God is the future reign of God breaking into the present through the life and ministry of Jesus, we are a forward-leaning movement emphasizing the ever-reforming nature of the church






  • Build an expanding community of churches both in the Himalayan Region and abroad that we are committed to one another and to the message and practice of the kingdom of God.
  • Establish and promote a common corporate vision for the community of churches.
  • Maintain the core values of the Vineyard, and engage in the essential practices of the Vineyard-Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership Multiplication, and Diversity(EDLD).
  • Plant churches that are committed to and practicing the core values of the Vineyard.
  • Offer pastoral care, relationship, and other resources to pastors of local Vineyard churches.
  • Lead the Vineyard in theological reflection and maintaining history orthodoxy and praxis.
  • Exercise discipline over local church pastors in case of misconduct or heresy.
  • Protect the good name of the Vineyard churches.
  • Approve pastors for local Vineyard churches.
  • Resource local Vineyard churches to carry out their mission.
  • Work to express the unity of Christ by intentionally joining with the broader Body of Christ in common witness and love.
  • Provide appropriate leadership structure to achieve these objectives.




In the Vineyard, we see Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Scriptures.

From our beginnings, the Vineyard has been committed to the

proclamation of the kingdom of God, and to bearing witness to the deeds of the kingdom through healing (physical, emotional, and social), doing justice, and delivering those held captive by evil.


Our Core Values & Beliefs booklet (sample provided below) explores in more depth our commitment to being people of the Kingdom during our brief hour on the earth. We want to see what the Father is doing and join Him in his transforming work.

Translating the message of Jesus into language and forms that are relevant to diverse peoples and cultures.

To this end, we promote a creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative approach to ministry that is faithful to Jesus and expressive of His heart to reach those who are far away from God. As the Apostle Paul said, we are ready to “become all things” ( 1 Cor.9:19-23) to all mankind to see many come to faith in Christ.


Worshipping communities

 Worship is an environment in which we experience God-so we make it a priority in our gatherings.


Healing Communities

We have always prayed faithfully for the sick-in our church services and in the everyday workplaces and neighborhoods, we inhabit.


Biblical Communities

We are committed to the careful study and interpretation of the Bible, and to the faithful preaching of its message.



Our Churches aim to be outposts of the Kingdom of God, bringing hope and help from Jesus to anyone who wants it.


Healthy Communities

We are committed to being churches who practice emotional health through strong relationships.


Multiplying Communities

Most Vineyard churches exist because an individual or team left an

existing Vineyard went to a new location, and started a new



What The father is Doing

In John 5:19, Jesus modeled deep dependence by doing what he saw the

Father is doing. We want to do the same.


Faith Is Spelled R-I-S-K

John Wimber once said that faith is spelled"R-I-S-K”. We believe that God meets us in our weakness when we obey His leading.



The Vineyard movement must express the historical, biblical, orthodox Christian beliefs that we hold in common with all Christians and the particular doctrines that are our distinctive voice, in terms that are relevant to 21st century Christians.


Partner With The Holy Spirit.

We are not simply implementing the best church strategies and trying to accomplish what is humanly possible. Rather, our mission involves praying and finding power from God Himself to accomplish what humans could never accomplish on their own.

We pray for the sick, we confront injustice, and we seek to hear the voice of God on behalf of others. This involves partnership with a person

beyond ourselves.


Experience & Worship

The Kingdom of God is not a geopolitical territory, nor is the people of God. Rather, the kingdom is a dynamic realm.


Reconcile People with God & All Creation

Jesus is reconciling humans to God, to each other, and to the entire

creation, breaking down divisions between Jew and Gentile, salve and

free, male and female.

Therefore, we are committed to becoming healing communities engaged in the work of reconciliation wherever sin and evil hold away. We seek to be diverse communities of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin.


Engage InCompassionate Ministry

We lean toward the lost, the poor, the outcast, and the outsider with the compassion of Jesus as sinners whose only standing before God is

utterly dependent on the mercy of God. This mercy can only be truly received in as much as we are willing to give it away.

We believe that ministry in Jesus’ name should be expressed in concrete ways through the local church. The poor are to be served as though serving Jesus Himself. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a church expressing the love of Christ in a local community.


Pursue Culturally Relevant Mission in The World

The Church exists for the sake of those who are exiled from God. We are called to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to every nook and cranny of creation, faithfully.



The best way to understand is there area three different ways churches in the Himalayas Region Functions.

1. Denominational churches.

2. Independent churches.

3. DakhbariSangati churches.


Denominational churches: Usually Denominational churches have a

Specific administrative system and a head office. The finances for pastors and church construction and doing ministries are looked after by the denomination organization. The churches usually submit their yearly budget to the centre office and the funds are allotted based on the needs.


Independent churches: Usually independent churches are individual

churches. They function on their own based on the visions and working style of their leaders.


DakhbariSangati:  is not a denomination or independent church type churches. We are a movement called church planting movement. It is

The family of churches joined together in vision and values. They function in a team leadership and it is called Association of DakhbariSangati Churches.They give 5% of their monthly collection to the central fund and 30% to the compassion fund. Sometimes this family of Churches spreads all over the world and through relationship financially strong churches help weaker churches for them to grow and stand strong. So that in coming days they can help others too.

The administrative structure is not Top Down model but rather mutually agreed by the national team. It is more a spiritual authority than physical.

Every Church is autonomous and is allowed to function based on their location and culture. The national team only supports in areas of their development not control.

The pastors are chosen based on the persons call in their life. DakhbariSangati only works with people with vision and passion for kingdom and know that it is God who called him/her to serve God.

There is no salary system so if anyone is thinking to join and looking for salary then it can be a wrong place.But as a family DakhbariSangatihelps them to grow by sharing each other resources.When the churches grow in their giving then 50% of the monthly income will go to support that Pastor.


Pastors area not allowed to create their separate ministry as we believe that Pastors are called to Shepherd the Church. Church members can have their separate ministry if they want.

Pastors are not allowed to handle church finances as it created

confusion. So The Executive Finance Pastor of Vineyard Himalayas will train a Treasurer of their respective church to handle finances.



Metanoia Vineyard Community.

Pastor Benjamin and Rachana Isaacs Bhutia started gathering with few young people back in 2010 but officially started church since 2012. It was started in an area called checked post but moved to the present location called Salugara in 2013.

We are church family of around 12 families at the moment but many who have taken baptism moved to different cities and locations. Almost 95% of our members are new followers of Jesus Christ and have taken baptism in our own baptism tank.

Almost all of our family members come from below poverty line familes and mostly have no formal education but are simple and lovely people who love Jesus in a simple way.

Our official staff at the moment is ps ben and rachana, Sujay and Sheela, rupa, Pritika, and Bill.

Ps Ben and Rachana play the role of shepherding the flock by taking care of people and teaching the word of God.

Sujay is our worship leader, administrator, accountant and overall manager of the church facility. They also live in the church compound.

Sheela is our women fellowship leader and wife of Sujay.

Rupa and Pritika both young girls are our Sunday school caretaker and big helper of church activities

Bill, a young man is our youth leader.

Contact N.o.+919733203231



  • NamchiVineyard, PastorSilash/SaritaRai, PastorSukra/Shreya Yonzon and Pastor Suren/Akila Rai.
  • Gitang Vineyard, Pastor Mikma/ Angela Lepcha and Assit. Pastor Janga Bahadur/ DishaRai..
  • FerekSingtamVineyard, OverseerGadup/NimkitLepcha, and FurmitLepcha.
  • MongmuVineyard,Overseer,Ong Tshering and SukmayaLepcha, Dawa and Neeta Lepcha.
  • DharayGoanVineyard, Overseer Bijay, and Maya Rai.
  • GayzingTikjukVineyard, Overseer, Phurba Lepcha and N.S.Subba.
  • MukrungVineyard, Overseer JB Rai
  • AsangthangBakloGoan Vineyard, Overseer Elisha Subba and Namchi vineyard.
  • Tansang Vineyard Cell Church, Overseer Rebika Thapa.
  • Bull Singtam Vineyard Fellowship(Namchi Vineyard)
  • Kalimpong Vineyard Fellowship,Overseer Maken Cephas Gurung


Started: 01.06.2017(at Upasana rai house). Maken Cephas Gurung has done 18-month internship at Metaonia vineyard salugara Under the guidance Pastor Ben Isaacs Bhutia/RachanaIsaacs Bhutia.

The vision of the Church: Pray,Worship and Love your Neighbor and in future plant new churches in different location, villages, and towns and preached the good news of the kingdom of God to the broken people, orphans, outcast from society and too serve the poor.

Kalimpong Vineyard Fellowships has 5 families

Contact N.0. +918016751369/+917908105986

Email: gurungmakencephas@gmail.com


  • Pedong Vineyard Fellowship, Pastor P.B.Tamang and Mrs Tara  Started-1995.Vision of the church is to preached the gospel to  different places and proclaim the kingdom of God and Plant new churches. Presently having member of 72 pesople
  • PattharJhora Vineyard Church Plant(Oversight by Pedong Vineyard Fellowship)
  • KathmanduVineyard, Senior Pastor Noel/Dona Isaacs Bhotia,  Pastor Raju/Bhawani Rana,RameshBisht,MitthuDidi and Urmila Ghole.
  • KotgaonVineyard,Pastor Madan/Sushila Lama
  • Chhampi Vineyard, Pastor Uddav/Puja Thapa
  • GatlangVineyard,Pastor PREM/Kanchi Maya BK
  • NessingVineyard,OverseerKuni Prasad NenduTamang
  • Gorkha Vineyard, Pastor Paul/Subhadra Ale
  • Goljung Vineyard, Overseer FaraTamang
  • Goldhunga Vineyard Cell Church, Overseer Krishna Kumar BikaTipling Vineyard Cell
  • Chhurch, Overseer Kumar Bika?
  • DhunchayVineyard(starting december2016)