At the invitation of Noel Issacs, overseer of the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches, other Vineyard churches are welcome to explore opportunities for partnering with the Vineyards of this area of Nepal and north east India. The opportunities are many and you may choose to be involved in small or larger ways. Be assured that an investment will be valued in the HRV and will provide increased opportunities for expanding the Kingdom of God.

Five Ways for a Vineyard Church to Partner:

  • Mercy/Compassion Giving: Involvement in mercy/compassion ministries through regular financial giving (perhaps monthly or quarterly)
  • Equipping Support: Facilitating equipping through regular financial giving toward internal costs (e.g. transportation or material costs) of training emerging leaders
  • Participating in a Mitra: “Mitra” is a Nepali word describing friendship and connection. One of our goals is to have each of the 12 Himalayan Region Vineyards develop such mitras with a single cluster of other Vineyard churches. These growing relationships involve regular connecting, visits at least once a year, equipping, and mutual sharing of life and resources. Once a mitra is initiated, Winnipeg Centre Vineyard will be available to help churches with further cultural adaptation. A 10 principle document to guide churches to work effectively in mitras is available on request. For this or other information on trips and stepping towards partnership, contact Nathan Rieger.
  • Mobile Bible School: Many of the pastors and leaders in the HRV grew up in Hindu or Buddhist families and only have a limited education. They are scattered in remote areas and don’t have computers or internet access. Many are bivocational and have families for whom they need to continue providing. These circumstances make it difficult to utilize some of the existing Vineyard training resources such as Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI) or Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI). We have therefore decided to bring instruction into various locations throughout the region for a series of classes spread over a few years to gradually build a sold biblical foundation among the pastors and leaders. During its first year, the Vineyard Mobile Bible School will provide six modules of 16 hours each, taught in segments of four days each by Vineyard pastors, some from the US and some from Canadian Vineyards. Each teacher will be asked to teach on a chosen topic from the curriculum, provide well-developed notes that can be translated several months ahead, and commit to coming into some of the remote areas of the region to teach for one week. For more information on the curriculum and possibilities with regard to visiting the region, contact Andy Wood.
  • Projects: Multiple initiatives are in motion in the HRV including various micro-enterprise opportunities, building meeting places and training centres (homes are typically quite small). Such project involvement might mean a one-time financial gift, as there is a process in place to avoid fostering dependency.