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    Ever since Pastor Kumar could remember, his father had always asked him to serve the Lord. Yet, he would always find himself constantly evading the discussion. It wasn’t till he returned home after the Nepal Earthquake, he realised his heart for serving God through church leadership. He then, interned at the Kathmandu Vineyard under Pastor Raju and Pastor Noel. During his internship, he would constantly be asking God to show him where he needs to go. God showed him Dunchey. With a new found encouragement and hope, he was fueled to spread the gospel to the people of Dunchey.

    Historically, Dunchey has been a village of rich families, where people could afford to go to church. Yet, Kumar saw that the common people, the poor and marginalized families had no access to hearing the gospel. This is where he started his journey, on June of 2017 a small gathering consisting of three families began. Today, the church has over 50 members of which 10 have been baptised.

    Pastor Kumar Biki lives with his wife Prasila Biki and have two kids, Pradisha and Pradarshan Biki. They continue to love God and spread His message to the people of Dunchey. 

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