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    A twelve hour drive from the capital, Gadland is a small village located in the Northern Rasuwa District of Nepal. It lies around 6900 ft above sea level and has a community of around 150 families. Originally, Gadlang had a church in its village where a young man named Prem volunteered and helped. It was here in 2006, He met Shem and Pastor Raju on their trek to Nessing and immediately fell in love with the gospel. 

The church he was volunteering for was breaking down, and his heart was weeping. This encounter was a breath of fresh air for him. It is here he decided that he wanted to serve the Lord through leadership and began preaching the gospel and building the church using Vineyard values.

    Initially, the church was not in a building, but rather a gathering of a family in a potato field that consisted of around 6-7 people. Vineyard Kathmandu helped mentor Prem and his family on their spiritual journey, helping the church find land and praying for their needs. Today the church owns a building and has over 200 members! Most of which have found God through miracle healing of sickness.

    Pastor Prem lives with his wife Kanchi Maya, and has three kids, Anos, Eliza and Adesh. They continue to serve the lord with inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. When he is not preaching the gospel, you can find Pastor Prem in the nearby paddy fields farming potatoes (a staple diet for the people of Gadlang)

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