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Pastor Benjamin and Rachana Isaacs Bhutia started gathering with a few young people back in 2010 but officially started church since 2012. The church was started in an area called check post but moved to the present location called Salugara in 2013.

We are a church family of around 12 families at the moment

but many who have taken baptism have moved to different

cities and locations. Nearly all of our members are new followers

of Jesus Christ and have taken baptism in our own baptism tank.


Almost all of our family members come from “below poverty line” families and have no formal education but are simple and lovely people who love Jesus in a simple way.

Our Official staff is Pastor Ben and Rachana Isaacs, Ashish Yonzon, Bill Gurung, Rupa and Pritika.

Ps Ben and Rachana play the role of shepherding the flock by taking care of people and teaching the word of God.

Ashish Yonzon is our worship leader, administrator, accountant

and overall manager of the church facility.

Rupa and Pritika both young girls are our Sunday school

caretaker and a big helper in church activities. Bill, a young man

is our youth leader.

Contact n.o. +919733203231


Ashish, Bill, Rupa, Pritika
Daniel and Mithu
Metanoia Church Group Photo
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