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Learning to Serve

Learning to Serve

by Ps. Mikma Lepcha

I have been a Pastor at the Gitang Vineyard Fellowship for over 22 years. As a self-supporting Pastor and a full-time teacher, my life revolves around me teaching, learning, and sharing the gospel to not only the privileged few but also the poor and needy. Over the course of my life, I have developed a love for punctuality and sincerity in my work, which I model as Jesus’s lifestyle in my life. In doing so, I have learned and loved to understand the term “To serve” and that experience in my life is one I wish to share in this article.

Agriculture, driving and my job is my way of evangelism. My wife loves to share her blessings with the people, whether it is her garden fruits and vegetables or other forms of gifts, the heart we gave in sharing has helped us build relationships with the people. Our goal as a church and a family has always been to bring the kingdom of God to the poor and needy.

In the 22 years I have pastored, I have learned that the title “pastor” is not a person who mentors believers in spiritual growth. I believe that it is necessary for a pastor to also recognize the physical, social and economical struggles of the people. As a pastor you are setting an example for the people in living the life Jesus did. Often times I get questioned as to why I am laboring at my age, but I have always said, “Leadership IS ACTION, NOT a POSITION”

Inside our church, there is no separate Pastor’s chair, I sit on the floor with my people and my congregation. I am a shepherd, not a master; I feel privileged to clean the church, wash its vessels, scrub the washrooms and carry the goods in support of helping our people. Whether it is physical labor or spiritual, we will always welcome you with open hearts and hands.

I currently mentor six different churches. Tikjuk Vineyard, which is an hour drive from Gitang. Dentam Vineyard and Mongmo Vineyard each 10KM away from Gitang. While Mukrong, Dharayghao and Pharak Singtam being 18KM, 15KM and 9KM away from my hometown respectively. Every church has their own local leaders. My role is to guide the young leaders in both the spiritualities of living the Jesus life, and also the practicalities of the Vineyard model of communion, dedication, baptism, funeral and marriage ceremony.

Till this day, the Lord has blessed our family so much that I have never needed to claim travelling allowances, He has blessed me with a job and a car. Me and my wife believe that whatever we have and own is from the Lord and is for Lord Jesus!

I am blessed and thankful to God because I got the privilege of offering 100/80 sq. ft land to the Gitang church for its construction. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with a rent-free one flat building to hold church till the completion of church building! Mongo church has also generously donated Rs. 200,000 for the construction of the church!

Pastor Noel and the Kathmandu Vineyard have been a big blessing and role model in my life. He is my ideal Pastor, whose lifestyle teaches me leadership values. This is evident in the way Kathmandu church works, The Kathmandu Vineyard has been one of the best role models for administration, team work, accountability and mercy work. It is a church model I also preach and learn from everyday.

Finally, Our family prayer is that we all will want to be healthy in Christ Jesus.

Jai Messiah!

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2020

God bless youpre mishal bhai

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