To Our Dearest Family,

Greetings and Jaimashi from Vineyard Himalayas.

With the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Vineyard Himalayas Leadership Team has decided to close our church gatherings for the safety and health of the people. We are deeply saddened to be closing our church gatherings during this time. However, our team is dedicated on constantly praying and monitoring the situation.

We will be holding worship services with the church members currently living at the church. We will be live streaming this service on our Facebook page every Saturday at 10:30am (NPT).


During these uncertain times, I urge our family to actively practice, participate and remember the importance of coming together in prayer, supporting one another and leaning on God.


The Church Leadership Team is still available and can be contacted through our church office.

Thank you for being patient with us, as we along side you- our family, pray and ask God for guidance during this time.

With abundant blessings, prayers and love.

Pastor Noel Isaacs (Sherab Bhotia),

Director of Vineyard Himalayas

हाम्रो सबै प्रिय परिवारहरूलाई हिमाली दाखबारी मण्डलीबाट जयमसीह ।

यो अहिलेको कोरोना भाईरसको कोलाहाल परिस्थितिमा हाम्रो दाखबारी मण्डलीका विश्वासीजनहरुको असुरक्षाको मध्यनजर राख्दै हामी दाखबारी अगुवा टिमले केही समयको लागि मण्डलीको संगतीलाई बन्द गर्ने निर्णय गरेका छौ। हाम्रो संगती यसरी बन्द गर्नु परेकोमा हामी धेरै दुःखी पनि छौ। तर यो समय हाम्रो अगुवा झुण्डले एक आपसमा निरन्तररुपमा प्रार्थना र सुचना आदन प्रदान गरिरहनेछौ।
त्यसरी नै एक आपसमा उत्साह, शक्ति र सामर्थ्यको निम्ति हरेक शनिबार विहान 10:30 मा फेसबुकद्धारा हामी मण्डली परिवारले प्रत्यक्ष आराधना,प्रार्थना संगती सेवा गरिरहनेछौ । त्यसै गरी यो विषम परिस्थितिमा हाम्रो दाखबारी परिवारको सदस्यहरुलाई सकृय रुपमा एक अर्कासँग प्रार्थना गर्न, सहायता गर्न र परमेश्वरसंग नजिक हुन सबैलाई आव्हान गर्दछु।
हामी हाम्रो मण्डलीका सबै अगुवाहरु मण्डलीको अफिसको सम्पर्कबाट सधै तपाईहरुको निम्ति उपलब्ध हुनेछौँ ।
प्रसस्त आशिष र निरन्तर प्रार्थनाको साथ 

पास्टर नोयल आइज्याक 
निर्देशक हिमाली दाखबारी संगती ।



Loving God || Loving People


Church timing: Saturday, 10:30am

We are the family of Vineyard Churches in the Himalayas Region of Nepal and northeast India. We desire to be faithful followers of Christ who are full of the Spirit, Worship passionately, have hearts of compassion, are doers of God’s word, and welcome people into the Kingdom. We believe,"We are better together.”

Noel/Dona Isaacs Bhotia.
Senior Pastor/National Director.

Kathmandu Vineyard Fellowship/Vineyard Himalayas.


Loving People

Loving people is the heart of the Vineyard Himalayas. Every church under Vineyard Himalayas has their own expression of loving people who are broken, tired and in need of God's warm love. We have over hundreds of these expressions of how we live the Jesus life. 

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Worship Dance

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